After Eight (gluten free)

The world is divided between people who enjoy the matching of chocolate and mint, and people… who are not really excited about it.
We hope you are part of the first group! This recipe is good for gluten intolerants because is gluten free. We publiched on CUINA Magazine, where we proposo healthy recipes every month.

Gluten free chocolate biscuit

85 g Whole egg
50 g Sugar

19 g Husked rice flour
9 g Cocoa powder Felchlin
4,5 g Coconut oil

In a pot, heat the eggs and the sugar to 36ºC, mixing constantly with a spatula. With a freestanding mixer, whip it at medium speed until it gets spongy. Sift the rice flour with the cocoa and add it slowly and gently to the mixture. Melt the coconut oil at 40ºC and add it to the mixture. Cover a 14×14 cm baking sheet with baking paper. With a pastry bag, place the mixture and heat it to 160ºC for 12 minutes.

Cream mint

140 g Whipping cream 35% Elle&Vire
15 g Fresh mint

Mix the mint with the cream and grind it up with the hand blender. With the mixer, whip the mixture and store in the fridge.


90 g Sao Palme 60% dark couverture Felchlin
60 g Whipping cream 35% Elle&Vire

Half whip the cream. In the microwave, melt the chocolate at 45ºC and mix it, little by little, with the cream. Store in the fridge.


55 g Water
15 g Atomised glucose
60 g Sugar
3 g Agar-agar Sosa
20 g Mint
9 g Lime juice
Green colouring is an option

Mix the glucose, the sugar and the agar-agar. In a pot, heat the water and the lime juice to 40ºC. Add the previously made mixture and the colorant. Boil and add the mint. Away from the heat and covered, leave it steep for 3 minutes. Strain above a rectangular mould until it reaches 1 cm thick. Leave to set in the fridge. When it is cold, dice it.


Once the sponge is cold, remove it from the mould. With a pastry bag and the nozzle you want, place the truffle and the whipped cream over it. Finish with the amber dice, mint leaves and chocolate grains

*Photo: Becky Lawton published on CUINA