Happy to be back!

We do not know if there are lots of people happy to see September here again, but as far as we are concerned, it is the starting signal for a promising season and… Yes! We were looking forward to it! We are not afraid to say we are happy to be back!

In October we are coming back with the courses at our school: we are doing again the gluten free patisserie course and we are giving it a go with a course dealing with Japanese desserts. Chocolate will be the protagonist again in a course dedicated to traditional patisserie. And classic desserts will never have the same flavour once you will have tasted our proposals! If you are foresighted, have a look at our Christmas suggestions: nougats, Christmas log and a course aimed at professionals.

We will also be in the Fòrum Gastronòmic, where we will give a workshop about healthy patisserie. Do not run the risk of being left without ticket!

We also have many trips and trainings abroad, which we will tell you more about little by little. For the moment, we just wanted to tell you… Welcome! Because we are so happy to be back!