How is the Extended online B·Concept pastry course like?

In 2020, we decided to indefinitely postpone the on-site formation due to the sanitary situation caused by COVID, which is why everyone in Jordi Bordas’ team put together their efforts and moved the on-site course to the online world. This situation allowed us to update the course content and to improve our studying methodology, creating a unique pastry course in the market.

Now, a few months after its launch, we are really happy to announce that there have been more than 200 enrolments during the first running year of the Extended online B·Concept pastry course. Just as you heard it, 200 people from more than 40 countries have trusted our online pastry course to learn to formulate their own recipes from scratch.

extended online course map

We launched the course on December 3rd, 2020, and the first edition started on January 25th, 2021. For the time being, every student of this first edition has successfully graduated, and we are proud of their hard work during all these months.

Next course editions start January 17th (English) and February 21st (Spanish), and you can already enroll.

Would you like to know all the details of this course? Keep on reading to check out how the Extended online B·Concept pastry course is like!


Firstly, the instructors team is formed by Jordi Bordas, Adrianna Jaworska, Paula Domènech and Ariadna Martínez. Four professionals from the science and pastry worlds who convey their knowledge and experience in more than 50 hours of HD video-lessons.

Instructors team from the Extended online B·Concept pastry course

Besides the access to these HD video-lessons, you will be able to download in full-color PDFs: the theoretical booklet with 400 pages of educative content and the recipe dossier with 12 complete elaborations that you will learn to make in Module 4.

Theoretical booklet online and extended B·Concept
Some pages of the course theoretical booklet
Training certificate online and extended B·Concept
Training certificate accredited by Jordi Bordas’ Pastry School

During the first 6 months of the course, the training will be completely guided, and you will receive teaching monitoring from the team. You will be able to attend 5 live webinars to resolve all your doubts and discuss with the course instructors.

Lastly, to verify your knowledge acquisition, you will make some self-evaluation tests at the end of every lesson. But do not worry, you will be able to access our support and discussion forums. Everything so you can successfully complete the Extended online B·Concept pastry course and obtain your signed certificated, accredited by Jordi Bordas’ Pastry School.


Let’s take a more detailed look on this online pastry course. Prior to that, you should know that no previous pastry knowledge is necessary, and you do not need to be a professional from the sector to enroll this course. However, you should be willing to study and open to learn a new way to make pastry.

The time has come to fully explain the course sections, let’s go!

The program is divided in 4 Modules and each one of them has different content and objectives. It is necessary to complete them in the specified order, so you can correctly acquire all the knowledge.


In the Module 1 about pastry molecules, Adrianna, Paula and Ariadna will teach you the importance of the molecular composition of ingredients. Watch this video extract from one of the course lessons:

You should bear in mind that there are no schedules to watch the videos since they are already filmed. Nevertheless, you should dedicate between 15 and 20 hours per week to the course to be able do all the self-evaluations in due time. A few days before finishing every module, you will be able to resolve all your doubts about it by attending the corresponding webinar.

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In Module 2 about pastry techniques you will learn, with Jordi and the rest of the team, the importance of the interactions and unions of molecules, already studied in the first module. We will discuss emulsion, aeration, gelling and thickening techniques. Check out the next video if you want to learn about aerated textures:


In Module 3, the content is a bit more practical. Once you have assimilated all the concepts about molecules and pastry techniques, you are ready to start formulating recipes with the B·Concept method. In these lessons, you will have access to numerous formulation examples, classified by texture (gelled, creamed and aerated) and flavor/main ingredient groups (acidic fruits, less acidic fruits, infusions, dairy products, nuts, chocolate and alcohol). There will also be a special section about vegan mousses formulation.

Moreover, in this module, you will be able to attend four formulation webinars hosted by Jordi.

Finally, you will make a formulation exercise to test you have successfully acquired the basics of recipe formulation.

In the next video, you can watch a preview of this formulation module:


From then on, and once you have completed the first three modules of the course, you will be free to continue with some more practical training at your own pace and without any more evaluations.

We will send you the training certificate, and you will surf alone the Virtual Campus during the 30 remaining weeks of access. In other words, you will have 6 extra months to complete Module 4 about pastry elaborations, as well as to rewatch all the content from the first three modules.

Watch one of the 100 videos that make this final module:


The Extended online B·Concept pastry course is for you if:

  • Your passion is pastry and you want to master all the technical aspects of your recipes.
  • You own or work at a pastry shop, restaurant or hotel and want to express your values through your pastry elaborations.
  • For your customers’ needs (food intolerances, rules and regulations, market trends) you are looking to redesign and adapt your recipes so that they are in line with them.
  • You need to modify and balance your recipes to your own taste and resolve any texture or stability related issues.
  • Saving time and resources and avoid endless trial-and-error attempts is on your list.

We hope all your doubts have been resolved in this article. Otherwise, you can also visit our webpage Extended online B·Concept pastry course, download the syllabus in the button below or contact our office staff through info@jordibordas.com or +34 93 611 20 70.