How to prepare an international pastry or ice cream team competition

Have you ever wondered how to get ready for an international pastry or ice cream team competition? We are lucky to have two colleagues at our school who have already experienced it: Jordi, of course, but also Lluc Dalmau – pastry instructor at Aula Jordi Bordas and head pastry chef at Santacreu Viladecans. Lluc made his debut last January, participating in the 2020 Gelato World Cup which, as every edition, was held during Sigep exhibition (Rimini, Italy).

The Spanish team was captained by Albert Soler – Spain Ice Cream Champion, 2019. Under his guidance were Albert Roca – Sant Croi pastry shop (Barcelona) and twice Spain’s Best Butter Croissant –, Mayte Rodríguez – sugar specialist –, Lluís Ribas – chemist and ice cream formulation expert – and our Lluc Dalmau.

The Spanish team was sixth of a total of eleven participants, right in the middle of the table, while Italy got the gold. The Spaniards presented a risky bet focused on magic that did not win but did serve them to learn and continue growing. An effort that is reflected in almost 150 meetings, more than 1000 hours of work and about 21,000 kilometers traveled, figures noted by the team members.

We have wanted to pass on all this experience, with Lluc and Jordi as main characters. Therefore, a few days ago we went live and both answered your questions. Jordi’s seniority vision – 4th position in 2008 Gelato World Cup, 19th place in Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie 2009, but World Pastry Champion only two years later –, counteracted by Lluc’s novelty. A two-way conversation in which you can glimpse the attainable success when working hard and having clear goals. You will find this video at the end of the post. Besides, they have summarized together the three phases in which they recommend dividing trainings for this type of competition.

Three phases to prepare an international pastry or ice cream team competition

• First stage: ORGANIZATION. Once team members are selected by competences, the priority should be selecting each one’s tasks and defining main goals, both global and individual. Also, it is necessary to collect ideas on the theme that will be used during the competition and analyze best practices. Eventually, a work calendar of the team as well as the individual members must be established.

• Second stage: CREATIVITY. It is time to set in motion ideas and plan both elaborations and artistic pieces.

• Third stage: WORK. According to the timings established by the competition management, it is necessary to specify both the order and who will carry out each elaboration. The training should be repeated as many times as possible in order to gain security, gesture speed and reduce execution times gradually.

When facing the moment of truth, team members have to be extremely tidyfast and clean. The ability to work individually and as a teamcreativitypersistence and organization are fundamental values in this kind of competition.

Jordi Bordas and Lluc Dalmau: their experience in international pastry and ice cream team competitions

We hope you found useful all these tips for your next team competition. And, you already know, if you want to learn more with Jordi , we invite you to take a look at their next courses.

Featured image: Lucia Grémont Photographe
Gelato World Cup pictures: Coppa del Mondo de la Gelateria