How to replace eggs in pastry recipes

Eggs đŸ„š are a key ingredient in pastry. They allow us to thicken and gel sauces and creams, make emulsions, create foams, or bind different ingredients. This is precisely why eggs are one of the most difficult ingredients to replace in our recipes. Difficult – yes, but not impossible.

In order to do any egg substitutions within our recipes, we need to know what function do eggs, egg whites and egg yolks fulfil in each recipe. Knowing this, we will be able to replace them with another ingredient. This is something we learn throughout the Extended Online B·Concept pastry course, together with the molecular composition of other pastry ingredients and recipe formulation.

If we analyse the nutritional composition of egg whites, we find a high percentage of water (88 %) and proteins (11 %), along with a small amount of macro- and micronutrients. Without a doubt, proteins are the stars of the show since they provide many pastry products with structure through the gelling (or coagulation) process. In addition, they allow us to incorporate air into textures like meringues, mousses, or soufflĂ©s, and help us bind different ingredients in cookies and sponge cakes. 

Meringue aeration

Las claras contienen un alto porcentaje de agua, por lo que, si queremos retirarlas, tendremos que añadir el porcentaje Since egg whites have a very high-water content, if we want to take eggs out of the recipe, we need to remember to add an adequate amount of water. And if we want to replace eggs, but need to incorporate air into our recipe, we can do it by using plant-based ingredients, like soy or potato đŸ„” protein or aquafaba.

Apart from water (50 %) and proteins (15 %), egg yolks đŸ„Ł contain around 30 % of fat made up of both saturated and unsaturated fats. Thanks to this combination of fats, egg yolks give texture and creaminess to our elaborations. Within this fat we also find lecithin which, due to its ability to combine water and fat, allows us to create stable emulsions in ice cream, creamies, and so on. When we remove eggs from this kind of recipes, we need to compensate for this by using liquid, powdered or granular lecithin (sunflower or soy).

Egg yolks

Lastly, in recipes where eggs are mainly used to bind ingredients together, substitution of ingredients is easier. Here we can work with flax or chia seeds, apple sauce, bananas, or nut butter, which help us obtain a homogeneous dough that does not crumble after baking.

Due to an increasing high demand for plant-based proteins, we can make healthier, lighter, and tastier recipes using a wide range of plant-based proteins from pulses, nuts, tubers, and seeds.

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