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Vegan chocolate, bean to bar with coconut milk

Chocolate bean to bar technique has given us chocolatiers an amazing freedom to achieve creations hitherto unthinkable. Nowadays, in addition to work with the fantastic couvertures offered on the market, we are able to create almost any chocolate working directly with the source: cocoa beans. Precisely, hence the name of the technique “from the bean to the bar”, a trend that would be the chocolatey equivalent to craft beer.

Applied to the B·Concept method and the “create from scratch” philosophy meeting our needs and those of the consumer, the bean to bar technique has allowed us to create something as innovative as a vegan “milk” chocolate! It may seem somewhat contradictory, but it is precisely what we have achieved with our ChocoCoco 40% bean to bar “milk” couverture.

To produce it, we use powdered organic coconut milk, an ingredient with no dyes nor sugars neither sweeteners. In addition, it has a high protein content (16%). The second ingredient to make this couverture is coconut sugar, also organic, chosen because it retains more nutrients and minerals than the commonly used refined white sugar. Third one is, of course, cocoa. For our vegan couverture we have chosen fair trade Ghanaian cocoa beans. Last but not least, we will also need cocoa butter.

Cocoa nibs
Coconut sugar
Coconut milk
Cocoa butter

Once that we have our four raw materials, we will proceed to crush them in a kitchen robot until a homogeneous mass is obtained. Then, this dough will be poured into a conching machine and worked for at least 24 hours to achieve a fine texture and eliminate acid flavours, acquiring a smooth and pleasant sensation on the palate.

Robot processing
Homogeneous dough
Conching machine
24h of conching

It may seem somehow a complicated task but, actually, achieving a quality couverture is not that hard. As you have seen, using just three or four ingredients you can get a very professional result. In this case, we obtain a creamy and slightly coconut-flavoured vegan “milk chocolate” with at least 40% cocoa content, but without using any dairy products nor animal origin ingredients.


If you liked this preparation, do not hesitate to take a look at the Extended Online B·Concept Pastry Course, in it you will learn to elaborate it yourself, as well as to formulate your own recipes from scratch.

For you to practice, here are the recipes of our “ChocoCoco” bean to bar couvertures, also in their coconut milk-free versions, for intense cocoa flavour lovers:


780 g (26%) Coconut sugar
720 g (24%) Cocoa nibs
960 g (32%) Powdered coconut milk
540 g (18%) Cocoa butter


1590 g (53%) Cocoa nibs
1050 g (35%) Coconut sugar
360 g (12%) Coconut butter


2010 g (67%) Cocoa nibs
540 g (18%) Coconut sugar
450 g (15%) Cocoa butter

ELABORATION: In a food processor, grind all the ingredients until getting a paste. Refine in a conching machine for 24 hours, temper and keep in a dry and cold place.