Yuzu nougat

The yuzu nougat is one of our special nougats. The mixture of chocolate with such an special fruit as this Japanese citrus always excels at Christmas table. In addition, we opted to find a very zen design, simple but colourful, and we designed this mould, which makes it possible to give a fine and elegant finish. Do you dare? It’s a recipe for professionals like the ones in our course!

The product lasts up to 60 days due to controlling the AW at a temperature from 18ºC to 20ºC.
Duration is directly related, amongst other factors, to the appropriate handling of raw materials, the correct processes and the quality of its ingredients.



80 g Sao Palme 36% milk couverture Felchlin
90 g Yuzu pâte de fruit
90 g Yuzu ganache
90 g Crunchy praline
85 g Yellow paint, green paint 

Clean the thermoformed moulds with alcohol and cotton.
Melt the milk couverture to 45°C and temper to 28°C. Fill the moulds and tap to remove air. Empty and clean the waste couverture with a scraper. Crystallise downward.
Prepare the yuzu pâte de fruit, cool, cut and set aside.
Prepare the yuzu ganache and pipe it into the moulds. Insert the pâte de fruit and press gently.
Prepare the praline, temper to 22-23°C and fill the moulds up to 2mm from the edge.
Crystallise in the fridge for 10 minutes and close with tempered milk couverture. Demould and clean the edges carefully.
Cool in the freezer (for not more than 5 minutes) and paint with the tempered paints, first all the bar with yellow and then the details with green.


146 g Sao Palme 36% milk couverture  Felchlin
141 g Sao Palme 60% dark couverture Felchlin
14 g Fructose
26 g Crystallised sorbitol
30 g Atomised glucose DE 38
9,4 g Yuzu powder
47 g Water
42 g Yuzu puree 10% Ravifruit
35 g Butter 82% Elle&Vire 

Melt the couvertures to 45°C.
Mix the fructose, sorbitol, glucose and yuzu powder together.
Heat the water and yuzu puree to 30°C and stir in the powder mixture.
Gradually emulsify with the couvertures with a hand blender.
Melt the butter to 45°C and emulsify with the previous preparation.
Cool to 30°C and use.


17 g Sugar 1
6 g Jaune Pectin Slow Set Sosa
199 g Sugar 2
31 g Atomised glucose DE 38
148 g Pear puree 10% Ravifruit
88 g Yuzu puree 10% Ravifruit

Mix sugar 1 with pectin and sugar 2 with glucose.
Heat the purees to 50°C, stir in the pectin mixture and boil. Add the glucose mixture in 3 times and heat to 72°brix, stirring constantly.
Spread over silpats with 5mm high guides.


52 g Sao Palme 36% milk couverture Felchlin
50 g Cocoa butter Felchlin
25 g Butter Elle&Vire
335 g Almond and hazelnut praline Felchlin

Melt the couverture, cocoa butter and anhydrous butter to 45°C.
Mix with the praline and use.


450 g Cocoa butter Felchlin 
50 g Yellow powdered liposoluble food colouring Sosa

450 g Cocoa butter Felchlin
50 g Green powdered liposoluble food colouring Sosa

Melt the cocoa butter to 45°C. Add the food colouring and mix with a hand blender.
Pass through a chinois before using.

Melt the cocoa butter to 45°C. Add the food colouring and mix with a hand blender.
Pass through a chinois before using.