General Sales Terms and Conditions

1. Identification of the owner of the website: the owner of the website and all the subdomains and directories included in it (hereinafter jointly referred to as the “Website”) is JORDI BORDAS SLU, with registered office at Carretera de Barcelona 12 , Viladecans 08840, Barcelona, ​​and with NIF B66761180. Hereinafter, JORDI BORDAS.

You can contact JORDI BORDAS directly and effectively by email:

2. Purpose: this document establishes the general sales conditions for the courses offered on the website.

Any other document proving the course you have contracted, with the particular conditions, which, where appropriate, are agreed with you, will form part of your contract with JORDI BORDAS.

The courses consist of non-regulated online or face-to-face training of the teachings that are taught and the diplomas or certificates that, where appropriate, are issued are not official.

The courses offered can be followed online or in person and depending on the type of course you hire, the materials that make up the training program for each of them will be made available to you, which may consist of videos or work materials.

The characteristics of each course are detailed in the product sheet or landing page of each of them, which, by accepting these conditions, you declare that you have read.

Through the website you can access two types of courses: face-to-face courses and online courses with training programs with an established start and end date.

2.1. Onsite courses: these are courses taught at the JORDI BORDAS Pastry School (Ctra. Barcelona 12, Viladecans, 08-840 Viladecans, BARCELONA)

The course includes:

4 days of training at the JORDI BORDAS pastry school.

Complete recipe book with more than 40 recipes and a wide theoretical content on formulation.

Training certificate signed by Jordi Bordas.

Breakfast and lunch every day of the course.

Official apron with the Jordi Bordas’ logo.

2.2. Online courses with a set date: these are courses with a set start and end date, which are followed online.

The course includes:

Online access to 4 training modules (3 of them to be completed in 14 weeks and one to be carried out freely until the end date of the contracted edition), with videos, audios and downloadable material including practical exercises in each lesson.

12 months of access to the Virtual Campus /

Access to 5 live Webinars with our team.

Access to themed support forums.

2.3 B·Pro software

B · Pro is a database software used to manage ingredients and recipes.

The purchase includes:

A valid lifetime license for one computer

Remote installation service if desired

User manual in PDF

Upgrade updates

Password reset in case of loss

Reinstallation in case of breakdown

Database with more than 130 basic recipes and 600 ingredients (optional)

If desired, the recipe balancing module can also be purchased, designed for people who already have mastery of the B · Concept method. 

3. Contracting the Courses: To contract any of the pastry courses (face-to-face or online) you must click on the link provided for this purpose and you will automatically be redirected to the registration form in which you must provide your personal data, as well as proceed to the course payment through the available payment method.

Once the process is satisfactorily completed, the system will confirm the purchase by email within 24 hours.

A few days before the start date of the course, you will be provided with a link to activate your account on the platform, selecting a password, as well as the URL to access the course.

You will also have access to the Virtual Campus where you can modify your personal data, contact support and manage the display of the content that you have contracted.

4. Intellectual Property of the Courses: JORDI BORDAS is the legitimate owner of all the intellectual property rights of the Courses and content offered (by way of example, not exhaustive: images, audio, video, software or texts; brands or logos, combinations of colors, structure and design, selection of materials used, applications necessary for its operation, access and use, etc.).

The reproduction, distribution, public communication, including the method of making them available, and the transformation of all or part of the Courses and / or contents, in any medium and by any technical means, as well as any mode of exploitation, is expressly prohibited. of these, without the express and written authorization of JORDI BORDAS.

It is, likewise, expressly prohibited to delete, alter, evade or manipulate any protection device or security system that was installed on the pages of JORDI BORDAS.

For greater clarity, it is understood that practices such as the resale of courses or the hiring of a course by a person providing access to third parties, are expressly prohibited and will be cause for termination of the license agreement for the use of the Contents, without the right to the return of the amounts paid and without prejudice to the right of JORDI BORDAS to exercise the appropriate legal actions in defense of its legitimate interests.

It is noted that the violation of the aforementioned prohibitions may even lead to the commission of a crime against intellectual property typified in article 270 of the Penal Code, which carries even prison sentences.

5. Purchase of the software: To acquire the software license and the installation executable file, you must click on the link provided for this purpose and you will automatically be redirected to the registration form in which you must provide your personal data, as well as proceed to pay the software by means of payment available.

Once the process has been successfully completed, the system will confirm the purchase by email within 24 hours and our team will contact you to proceed with the software installation.

6. License of use:

6.1. License to use the courses: the contracting of any of the Courses gives you a license for non-exclusive, temporary and individual, personal and non-transferable use, in exchange for a specific price and publicly exposed through the Website.

As many user licenses must be contracted, as users will access the Course.

JORDI BORDAS reserves the right to revoke access to the service, without refund of the amounts paid, in case of facilitating access to third parties other than the contracting party and without prejudice to JORDI BORDAS ‘right to claim eventual compensation for damages.

It is, therefore, expressly forbidden to use the Courses for any purpose other than your own training, being your sole responsibility for any inappropriate or illicit use that you make of them.

6.2. Software use license: the acquisition of the software grants you an exclusive use license, for life and of an individual, personal and non-transferable nature, in exchange for a certain price and publicly exposed through the Website.

As many user licenses must be contracted, as facilities are necessary.

7. Responsibility:

7.1. JORDI BORDAS cannot guarantee that there will be no interruptions or errors in accessing the Website or the Contents. However, there is a firm commitment, as soon as it becomes aware of such incidents, to carry out all actions aimed at their restoration or repair, except for the concurrence of causes that make it impossible or hinder its execution.

7.2. It is expressly warned that the Contents are advice, recommendations or suggestions from professionals and / or users based on their own experience, not guaranteeing under any circumstances a concrete result of the implementation of the methods contained in the courses offered.

JORDI BORDAS only guarantees the provision of the service consisting of providing training through the Courses.

8. Procedure for contracting the courses:

8.1. Language: currently the contracting procedure for the courses can be done in Spanish and English (subtitled and dubbed).

8.2. Copy of the conditions linked to the purchase: JORDI BORDAS will not keep a copy of these conditions linked to the hiring, so we recommend that you keep a copy of them.

8.3. Technical means: the system does not have the technical means to identify and correct errors when you provide us with your data through the forms provided for this purpose, except that it detects whether any field that is necessary, to process the request, is pending. Fill.

8.4. Access codes: the access codes (username and password) are confidential. Therefore, you must use them with due diligence, having to keep them safely, so that their use by third parties is not possible, regardless of the relationship you maintain with them, since their transfer is not authorized and in case of non-compliance , you will lose access to the course, without prejudice to JORDI BORDAS ‘right to take appropriate legal actions.

Consequently, you are obliged to immediately notify JORDI BORDAS of both the loss of access codes, regardless of the cause of this, as well as any danger or impairment of your confidentiality, responding, otherwise, for any damage or harm caused. through verified accesses through them.

8.5. Payment methods: you can make the payment with the means available at the time of contracting.

Payment by credit / debit card: If you make the payment using this method, you are guaranteeing that you have full authorization to use the card in the contracting process. The card will be charged in real time through the bank’s virtual POS, once the correctness of your data has been verified. We will not store any of the card details. At the time of processing the order, the card data will be transmitted encrypted and in an absolutely secure way, with the sole purpose of making the payment to the financial institution of the amount corresponding to the order placed.

The cards will be subject to checks and authorizations by the issuing entity, but if said entity does not authorize the payment, we cannot consider the purchase contract formalized.

Payment by bank transfer: You can make the payment by bank transfer through the data provided in the purchase process indicated on this website. Your place will be reserved for 5 days and when we have verified that the payment has been made. In case of not receiving said payment, your place will be canceled.

Fractional payment: fractional or deferred payment is only allowed for those services in which it has been provided for by JORDI BORDAS and is published on the Website. An initial payment will be made and later you will collect the rest of the fees in the periods indicated during the hiring process. The fees will be paid by the payment method indicated in the informative emails.

The non-payment of any of the terms in which the payment of the price is divided, will grant JORDI BORDAS the right to terminate the contractual relationship, canceling the client’s access to the Course / s, and this without prejudice to the right to claim the amount total of the course as compensation for damages. 

9. Prices and Billing:

9.1. Prices: the prices of the courses will be those published on the Website and will include VAT. that, where appropriate, is applicable at all times and must be satisfied in the manner indicated at the time of contracting.

9.2. Billing: the corresponding invoice will be issued detailing the Value Added Tax (VAT) that, where appropriate, corresponds according to the applicable rate at all times. You expressly consent to the issuance of the simplified electronic invoice, which you will receive by email. If you are considered a consumer and user, you can revoke that consent by sending an email to that effect.

10. Claims: any claim related to the provision of the service will be addressed at the email address indicated above.

10.1. European online dispute resolution platform: It is reported that the user, a resident of the European Union, also has the possibility of going to the ODR platform (Online Dispute Resolution) through the following link:

Through this platform, consumers and merchants are allowed to file complaints using an electronic form available in all languages ​​of the European Union, for all matters related to electronic commerce or provision of services on the network, in accordance with the provisions of the Regulation. 524/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council of May 21, 2013 and Directive 2013/11 / EU of the European Parliament and of the Council on alternative resolution of consumer disputes.

11. Right of withdrawal: The right of withdrawal is the power that the regulations on the defense of consumers and users (Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007 approving the Consumed Text of the Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users -TRLDCYU) recognizes them to be able to cancel a contract, concluded remotely, within a period of 14 days from the date of contracting without the need to give any explanation and with the right to reimburse the amounts paid.

However, said regulations establish exceptions to this right of withdrawal, and specifically article 103, section m) of the TRLGDCYU provides that the right of withdrawal will not be applicable to the supply of digital content that is not provided in a material medium when the execution It has begun with the express prior consent of the consumer and user with the knowledge on their part that they consequently lose their right of withdrawal.

Therefore, with the acceptance of these terms and conditions, if you have contracted any of the JORDI BORDAS courses, you expressly consent that you will lose the right of withdrawal from the moment in which your part begins the execution of the digital content posted at your disposal, JORDI BORDAS not being obliged in that case to reimburse the amounts paid when contracting the course in question.

Without prejudice to the loss of the right of withdrawal in accordance with the provisions above, the withdrawal period will expire 14 calendar days from the date of contracting the service in question.

11.1. How to exercise the right of withdrawal: To exercise the right of withdrawal, you must notify your decision to withdraw from the contract through an unequivocal statement (for example: a communication sent by email or by post). To this end, you can use the withdrawal form model that appears below, although its use is not mandatory:

Model withdrawal form in accordance with the annex to the 2007 Law on Consumers and Users (the user can copy and paste the following form in an email and complete their data if they wish to withdraw from the contract):

For the attention of JORDI BORDAS, S.L.U., with address at Ctra. Barcelona 12, 08840 Viladecans (Barcelona) and with NIF: B66761180. Contact email:

I hereby inform you / we inform you that I withdraw / we withdraw from the contract of sale of the Content ________________________, whose request was made on ___ / ___ / 20__.

Name and surname of the USER / S: ________________________________

Address of the USER / S: ________________________________________

Date of communication of withdrawal: ___ / ___ / 20__

11.2. Consequences of withdrawal: In the event of withdrawal exercised and communicated and once such communication is received, the amounts paid will be returned on the occasion of the hiring of the corresponding course as soon as possible.

12. Obligations of JORDI BORDAS: JORDI BORDAS will indicate to you during the development of each one of the courses, the necessary and / or optional academic documentation, as well as the material means that can facilitate your learning work.

JORDI BORDAS will welcome your suggestions for the improvement of the courses and other activities that are organized. For any suggestion, both academic and administrative, you can write to the email address

In relation to the training programs with an established date (such as the B · Concept Pastry Course, online and extended version or the Pastry Course according to the B · Concept method), JORDI BORDAS will inform you, in due time, of the order and development of the subjects that the academic direction deems most appropriate for their correct training.

However, JORDI BORDAS reserves the right to make specific changes both in the content of the program or training plan, as well as in the teaching staff, as well as in the planned calendar. All these changes will meet the needs of updating the content to be taught, improvements in the fulfillment of teaching objectives or unforeseeable assumptions, or that having been foreseen are unavoidable, such as illness of any of the team members. In any case, JORDI BORDAS will make every effort to make the appropriate substitutions or modifications in order to prevent the level of the course from being affected. In no case may these modifications lead to a decrease in the quality of the Course.

JORDI BORDAS in no case will be responsible for the travel and / or accommodation expenses that you have contracted to attend any in-person event of any of the Courses. 

13. Obligations of the student: in addition to the obligation to pay the price of the contracted Course, you have the rest of the obligations contemplated in these conditions.

13.1. Rules of coexistence: You undertake to carry out the courses with respect for the rest of your colleagues, teachers and staff of JORDI BORDAS, as well as their academic discipline.

With regard to face-to-face or group sessions online, you agree to also respect customs and customs, being punctual and not interrupting or damaging their normal development.

You must participate, study, present the practices that, where appropriate, are proposed by the JORDI BORDAS team, as well as pass the tests established by the academic direction to obtain the certificate that, where appropriate, corresponds.

13.2. Expulsion: You may be expelled when you seriously or repeatedly fail to comply with the obligations established in these conditions. The following will be considered a serious breach:

Any lack of respect to the rest of colleagues, teachers or staff of JORDI BORDAS.

Failure to comply with the obligations regarding intellectual property on the contents of the courses.

The falsity, in whole or in part, of the data provided during the admission process and the non-payment of the total price of the program in the manner and terms provided.

The expulsion of the student implies the loss of their rights of access to the Virtual Campus of JORDI BORDAS and, the failure to obtain the certification, which in their case is planned to be issued, accrediting having completed the course, as well as the loss of the amountspaid.

13.3. Resignation: in the training programs with an established date and since JORDI BORDAS firmly commits one of the available places in favor of the student and the impossibility of filling the vacancy left by the student, he / she does not You will have the right to any refund in case of resignation to continue with the training, once the course has started, and outside the period established as a guarantee of satisfaction.

13.4. Secure mail: The student agrees to mark as secure mail, any communication he receives from JORDI BORDAS, in order to prevent such communications from reaching him as “junk mail, spam, promotions, notifications”, obliging himself to Likewise, to periodically check your “spam” folder. It will be the student’s responsibility to breach this obligation.

13.5. Assignment of intellectual property rights: The student assigns in a non-onerous way and for the world territory, during a period of two years, the exploitation rights of the work carried out during the course to JORDI BORDAS, which may only Dispose of them for academic or research purposes, always mentioning their author.14. Número mínimo y máximo de alumnos:

Training programs with an established date may have a maximum number of students. Once this quota has been reached, no more students will be admitted for this date (edition).

15. Certifications or diplomas: for those courses in which it is planned to issue a certification accrediting having successfully completed the course, it is expressly noted that it is not an official regulated training degree.

In order to obtain the certification, the student must complete the requirements demanded by the teaching direction (carrying out practices, participation, presentation of projects, etc.)

16. Modification of the contracting conditions: JORDI BORDAS reserves the right to modify the contracting conditions of the courses, not affecting in any case said modifications to the contracts made prior to any of these modifications, respecting the published terms and conditions on the Web at the time of acceptance by the user.

17. Applicable law: These terms, conditions and policies will be governed by Spanish law.