The method to create recipes From scratch


What is the advantage of working with our method?
  • You will be able to create your own pastry style.
  • You will learn how to adapt the products to your and your customers´ needs.
  • You will gain control over the ingredients and textures in your recipes.
  • You will save time and resources wasted on unnecessary tests.

How it Works


How many times have you modified a recipe without getting the desired result?

Pastry is a discipline that requires precision and accuracy, which is why to modify a recipe or formulate one from scratch it is not enough to improvise or use your intuition. Successfully creating your own pastry is only possible when you know how to use acquired knowledge for your purposes, following a step-by-step methodology: two pillars of the B·Concept method.


Acquire knowledge


To understand how a recipe works it is indispensable to have a profound understanding of the ingredients with which you are working every day. To understand the interactions between the molecules that the pastry ingredients are composed of helps us understand what happens in our recipes when we add, eliminate or substitute any of them.

Apart from the molecules, in order to formulate stable textures, we need to master the texture creating techniques. With the B·Concept method we cover the following types of textures: creamies, ganaches, creams, airs, mousses, foams, meringues, gels, and gelled compotes.

  • Understand the principles behind the basic food molecules: water, fats, proteins, and carbohydrates (sugars, starch, and fiber).
  • Master the texture creating techniques: emulsification, aeration, thickening and gelling.

Formulate recipes step-by-step


The B·Concept method includes a meticulously designed step-by-step methodology so you can create your own recipes in a systematized and organized way. Having the right knowledge and a working guideline will help you make the right decisions during the recipe formulation process.

The step-by-step method is divided into four different stages that will allow you to control every parameter of your ideal recipe. We start by defining our needs (intolerances, values, health factors, pastry trends, food costs, etc.) and end with adjustments of sweetness and dry extract so that your recipe is 100% stable.

Grab a pen and paper and design your own pastry with the B·Concept method!

The results of working with the B·Concept method


“When I became the World Pastry Champion in 2011, I started questioning the recipes I had been working with throughout my pastry career. I realized that none of these recipes was my own and that they all came from other pastry chefs.

On top of that, at that time I was becoming more and more focused on healthy diet choices and I could see that my pastry was not in line with my lifestyle, nor with the values I wanted to convey. For this reason, I started to investigate ingredients that I was working with. I needed a method to formulate recipes and create my own pastry. This has directed me towards an alternative path, a plan B, so to speak. With the B·Concept method I finally managed to create recipes aligned with my values: healthier, lighter and tastier.”

Jordi Bordas






Practical example



Combine the egg yolks and sugar.
Bring the milk and cream to a boil and pour over the eggs, stirring it with a whisk.
Heat to 85ºC stirring constantly, pour over the chocolate couverture using a sieve and emulsify with a hand blender.


Mix the water and the locust bean gum with a hand blender and leave to hydrate for 15 minutes.
Add the emulsifier and the chocolate couverture to the water and emulsify vigorously keeping the temperature at 30ºC.


The reformulation of this recipe using the B·Concept method allowed us to obtain an optimal result with interesting properties.

  • Eliminating animal fats makes this recipe lighter, healthier, and less caloric at the same time.
  • Thanks to the emulsification technique, we were able to keep the creaminess of the texture.
  • Now, the recipe is easier to digest thanks to the reduction of the dry extract and the increase of water content.
  • It is suitable for people following vegan or lactose-free diets and only contains texturizing agents of natural origin.
  • The recipe has an aqueous - as opposed to dairy – base, which respects the flavor of the dark couverture 64% making it the principal flavor of the recipe.

Do you want to learn to create your own pastry recipes?


Get your B·Concept Pastry Certificate, master pastry ingredients and techniques and formulate your own recipes.




Hugo Roche

Pastry Chef | Barcelona, España | @roche_gastronomic
I did not expect to learn so much in such a short time. Without a doubt, Jordi opens new ways for you in the pastry field; a pastry that cares for flavors, textures, and smells; but above all, it cares for the consumer. Without a doubt, it is the pastry revolution. It has been a pleasure to learn from Jordi and his team; May they continue with that desire to share [their knowledge] with everyone year after year.

Montserrat Abelaira i Castells

Teacher at "Escuela de Hosteleria Joviat" | Esparraguera, Spain | @mabelaira
A fantastic course. Very clear and easy to understand. Jordi, Adrianna and the whole team have done a great job. Not only through their teaching, but you also learn just watching the preparation of the course and their way of working. Everything flows very naturally, they have it all worked out and well organized, they are a great team. During the course I have gained so much information and tested so many theories! 100% recommendable. Congratulations and thank you very much for everything.

Alonso Marval

Pastry chef and barista | Las Condes, Chile | @1326_pcb
I have studied in several schools and for me this is the best pastry course I have ever done, as it teaches you how everything works in each recipe, from the molecules to the way you make an emulsion or make a mousse. If I could go back intime, without a doubt this course would be the first one I would take when entering the world of pastry, since it helps you to know how to create new unique flavors and textures, and with the option of making it much healthier and without allergens! I think this is the future of pastry. The team is incredible and there was nothing that I didn’t understand or answer me. I already have a great appreciation for how kind they were in the course and for the way they taught us.

Steffano Frizzarin

Pastry chef at Aamanns Etablissement | Copenhague, Dinamarca | @sfrizzarin
I approached Jordi Bordas' B·Concept course as a pastry professional, full of doubts and questions that increased during the course. Throughout these months, Jordi and the entire team have been able to answer all my questions, giving all their knowledge clearly and exhaustively and always with a smile, because in addition to being great professionals, they are very kind people! I have learned to correct my mistakes and thanks to the tools acquired in the course I have changed my way of seeing pastry. In addition, thanks to the extensive work done with all kinds of ingredients, in my job as a pastry consultant I can formulate recipes tailored to the client.

Lia Naya

Professional pastry | Barcelona, España | @lianayab
I think that the B·Concept method has not only helped me to understand the mistakes I made, but also to lose the fear of taking risks with vegan recipes, without lactose, etc. This course helps you clarify and organize your ideas, in addition to giving you exceptional and fundamental knowledge to be able to improve and expand what you already knew, thus allowing you to create unique elaborations that adapt to all types of clients.

Giuseppe Toscano

Pastry chef at Tos Caffé | Bari, Italia | @tosk_
Taking part to the extended online B·Concept pastry course by Jordi Bordas has been definitely an astonishing experience. Thanks to the very well-organized contents, the very clear explanations in videos and many useful webinars, I’ve been able to improve my knowledge concerning food molecules, pastry techniques & dietary needs. Once you start with lessons, it’s so noticeable how Jordi and his team have a huge experience, excellent competences and skills in the pastry field. Every doubt can be solved through the discussion’s forum and through the live webinars. I absolutely feel my pastry skills are now enhanced. Moreover, now I feel more comfortable when some customers with some specific dietary needs, come to my pastry shop to buy something. Being able to create new recipes from scratch really makes you feel more powerful in your own pastry production.This course has been totally mind-blowing considering the future prospects and it’s absolutely what you’re looking for if you want to be in step with the times.