On-site B·Concept Pastry course


In only four days learn to formulate your own recipes from scratch using the B·Concept method.
  • You will discover the physico-chemical properties of the ingredients.
  • You will familiarize yourself with essential texture creating techniques.
  • You will get the basic knowledge necessary to formulate your own recipes.
  • You will learn to make healthier, lighter, and tastier products.


Key features

  • curso_pasteleria_bconcept_online_certificado
    Certified by Jordi Bordas Get a B·Concept pastry training certificate issued by Jordi Bordas’ school.
  • curso_pasteleria_bconcept_presencial_barcelona
    Pastry School in Viladecans (Barcelona) Live the unique experience in Viladecans, only 15 minutes away from Barcelona.
  • curso_pasteleria_bconcept_presencial_grupos
    Reduced groups Take the course in a comfortable environment with maximum of 12 participants.
  • curso_pasteleria_bconcept_presencial_participacion
    Students’ participation Elaborate key recipes and cake decorations with a little guidance from our team.
  • curso_pasteleria_bconcept_presencial_interaccion
    Interactive format Ask all the questions you want and our instructors’’ team will be there to provide you with answers.
  • curso_pasteleria_bconcept_presencial_horas
    32 teaching hours Complete the course in four intensive days (8:00-16:30, Monday thru Thursday)
  • curso_pasteleria_bconcept_presencial_formadores
    High-level Instructors’ Team Learn with Jordi Bordas and Adrianna Jaworska and get to know our whole team.
  • curso_pasteleria_bconcept_online_dossier_teorico
    A dossier of pastry theory and recipes A dossier of more than 100 pages with theory explanations and recipes.
  • curso_pasteleria_bconcept_presencial_degustacion
    Commented tasting of pastry products Together with the rest of students, taste all the cakes and see for yourself the results of the B·Concept method.
  • curso_pasteleria_bconcept_presencial_observacion
    Live demonstrations Watch all the steps and techniques executed by Jordi Bordas.

Aimed at


This course is for you if…

  • You love pastry and you want to master all the technical aspects of your recipes.
  • You own or work at a pastry shop, a restaurant or a hotel and want to express your values through your pastry elaborations.
  • You are looking to redesign and adapt your recipes so that they are in line with your customers´ needs (food intolerances, norms and regulations, market trends).
  • You need to modify and balance your recipes in regard to flavor, texture or stability issues.
  • You want to save time and resources and avoid endless trial-and-error attempts.

You want to enjoy all the benefits of an on-site training: intense, direct and one of a kind. Don´t miss it!


This course is designed so that in 32 teaching hours you can gain the tools to formulate your own recipes from scratch. During four days of training, you will discover all the key concept of the B·Concept method.

  • Instructors: Jordi Bordas and Adrianna Jaworska

During the first day of the course, we will give you a solid theoretical base necessary to be able to formulate recipes. We will also see different recipe comparatives to compare and evaluate the results of the method. Theoretical explanations will focus on four basic food molecules: water, lipids, proteins, and carbohydrates, as well as texture creating techniques: emulsification, aeration, thickening and gelation.

  • Instructor: Jordi Bordas

During the second day of the course, we will make cake bases and crunchies, most of which are gluten-free and some of which lactose-free or vegan. Principal ingredients that we will be working with are whole rice flour, nut flours, inulin, oligofructose, coconut sugar and coconut oil.

Around midday, we will move on to gelled textures, like gelled compotes and jellies. We will discuss in detail the gelation technique and gelling agents (pectins, gelatin, etc.). We will finish the day with a tasting of some of Jordi Bordas´ iconic pastry products.

  • Instructor: Jordi Bordas

We will start with the execution of creamy textures: fruit, nut, chocolate and dairy creamies. As usual, each practical example will be related to the B·Concept theory. We will talk about emulsion technique and the ingredients involved: fat, water, emulsifying agents. This is one of the most important pastry techniques: we will never get stable textures without a good emulsion. This is why it is so important to control the emulsion process. We will tell you all the secrets you need to know to create a perfect emulsion. The second part of the day will be dedicated to airy textures, mainly mousses. As with the creamies, we will work with fruit, nuts, chocolate, and dairy products. As before, the practice will be accompanied by aeration technique theory.

  • Instructor: Jordi Bordas

We reach the final day of the course. Time for the most relaxed and visual part of the training: decorating techniques! We will teach you how to perfectly glaze a cake so that it has a thin and shiny layer on top, how to get the renowned velvet spray effect and how to make small decorations with chocolate and fruits. Although we are more focused on what happens inside of a cake rather than outside, we try to take care of every little detail to get elegant and attractive finishes.

In addition, depending on the group needs, we will spend some time reviewing key concepts of the theory and practicing recipe formulations.

Finally, we will prepare the sweet buffet with all the pastry products, hand the certificates, and taste all the entremets and petit gâteaux elaborated during the course.



The course is taught by Jordi Bordas – World Pastry Champion, and head of our R&D&i department, Adrianna Jaworska.


Your enrolment includes:
  • Training certificate signed by Jordi Bordas
  • 32 teaching hours over four days
  • Daily breakfasts and lunches
  • A theory and recipe booklet of over 100 pages
  • Daily commented tasting
  • An official apron of Jordi Bordas’ School

Important note:

Due to the current situation caused by COVID-19 epidemic, all face-to-face training is postponed until further notice. If you have any questions, you can write us at info@jordibordas.com. Our team will be happy to assist you! We remind you that you also have the extended online B·Concept Pastry course.

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Frequently asked questions


The on-site course is an intensive 4-day training at Jordi Bordas`Pastry School in Viladecans (Barcelona) and is carried out in small groups of a maximum of 12 participants. This allows you to immerse yourself in the unique experience with Jordi Bordas and his team.

Online training is done remotely and in closed groups of maximum 60 participants. This course consists of approximately 250 learning hours, more than 40 hours of videos, live webinars, and reading materials. We recommend dedicating approximately 15 hours per week of studying time for the proper assimilation of knowledge. You will have access to the Virtual Campus and the course content for 12 months, but the theoretical part of the course will take place during the first 14 weeks, in which our team will guide you to comply with the established study plan.

Both trainings are based on the B·Concept method, however, the online option is full of new and unpublished content that cannot be explained in just four days of the on-site training.

The course consists of 32 teaching hours over 4 days.

The school’s address is: Escuela de Pastelería Jordi Bordas, Carretera de Barcelona 12, Viladecans 08840, Barcelona.

If you are coming from the Airport of Barcelona-El Prat, Terminal 1, you can:

  • Take bus L99 and get off in Viladecans, the school is at 5-minute walking distance. Bus line map.
  • Take a taxi to Viladecans, it should cost around 25-30€.

If you are coming from any hotel in Viladecans you can arrive in 10 or 15 minutes (walking).

The course schedule is from 8:00-16:30

Yes, breakfasts and lunches are included all days of the course.

Comfortable working clothes. We will provide you with an apron at the beginning of the course.


Yes, at the beginning of the course you will receive a dossier with more than 100 pages of theoretical content and recipes.

It is not necessary that you have any previous experience or knowledge, although it is important that you are really motivated to learn.

It is an ideal course for those who are just starting in the world of pastry, as well as the professionals who want to improve and reinvent themselves, acquiring new knowledge and skills of great value.

The course is based on theoretical explanations and demonstrations of the chef elaborating the recipes with some help from the students.


In the enrolment section of this page you need to select the language and date of the course you are interested in and click on the “Enroll” button. This will automatically redirect you to the payment page where you need to follow the steps in order to complete your enrolment.

Given the fact that we receive students from all over the world, it can sometimes happen that the system blocks payment due to a security issue raised by our bank or the bank of our clients. If this happens, you can contact us through email: info@jordibordas.com or telephone: +34 93 611 20 70 and we will help you resolve the issue.

Yes, all the prices are VAT-inclusive (if not indicated otherwise).

Our payment system automatically generates an invoice that you will receive upon completing the subscription process. If you wish to change any data in the invoice, you can contact our administration at: admin@jordibordas.com

You have 15 days to cancel your subscription, in case if the cancelation is made at least one month before the start date of the course.


Carmen Capote Martín Chef at the cooking and pastry lab Zôdio | Madrid, Spain | @zodio_es For me, Jordi Bordas’ B·Concept training meant suddenly switching from classic pastry to avant-garde. I also acquired the tools and knowledge I needed to create healthier, tastier, and more visually attractive creations with some truly exceptional finishes. Jordi and his team are very warm and super friendly, they openly share all their knowledge, and they are 100% approachable. I totally recommend this training if you are passionate about pastry and want to have the tools that allow you to innovate and create without doubts. Also, if you want to make a turn towards healthier pastry without giving up taste and aesthetics. Thank you so much!
Christopher Rieloff Chef corporativo en Rosendale Collective | Miami, Estados Unidos | @Crieloff I had the privilege of attending Jordi’s class last fall and it was an unforgettable experience. The value you get from the class is so much more than what you are paying for. Chef Bordas is a true inspiration and you can tell he has immense passion for what he does. More than a pastry workshop, it’s a movement that changes the face of pastry for so many, including myself. The class was extremely informative and it was amazing to hear his expertise first hand. His class assistants were also very helpful and knowledgeable and made the experience very enjoyable. I highly recommend taking his class at the first chance you get- it will change how you look at pastry and especially at yourself and what you can accomplish if you focus and love what you do.
Zsuzsanna Ötvös Pastry Chef at Laurel Budapest restaurant | Budapest, Hungary | @zsuzsanna.otvos For me, it has always been important to focus on the pure flavour of the main ingredients in a recipe. Jordi's innovative and well-structured B-Concept course has provided me with the knowledge to achieve this aim. Apart from the maximization of pure flavour experience, we could also learn to create lighter and healthier desserts, still retaining the complex textures characteristic of modern pastry. Jordi's method is really revolutionary, it is the future in pastry, I recommend it to any pastry chefs.
Hatim Ben El Faquih Pastry Chef | Granada, Spain I recently had the chance to attend the formulation course according to the B·Concept method taught by Jordi Bordas, who - in my opinion - is a true visionary and genius in the pastry world. His generosity when it comes to teaching is an inspiration for the curiosity that together with his naturalness form two admirable human qualities. The course is a true invitation to discover personal and professional creativity to create our own ideas, taking both health and the commitment to our clients into consideration. It allows us to evolve and adapt to new demands and needs of the market. The creations that Jordi made during the days of the course overflowed with sensitivity, creativity, subtlety, and simplicity. Without any doubt, I would highly recommend this course, I would even dare to say that it is essential both for professionals and for those who are simply passionate about pastry that is in constant evolution To conclude, I would like to highlight the impeccable work of the entire B · Concept team, their exquisite treatment and above all their generosity and natural way of interacting.
Núria Ribera Otto Pastry Chef at Obrador de la Núria | Arbeca, Spain | @obradordelanuria What can I say, Jordi Bordas’ Pastry School made me who I am, an entrepreneur and a businesswoman. If I have come to fulfill my dream, it is thanks to Jordi and all his magnificent team. Through all the courses and trainings, I have learned to work with pastry techniques, to respect the product, to work with healthy and tasty recipes. I recommend it 100%.