Extended Online B·Concept Pastry Course


Learn remotely with our new, extended course with previously unpublished content and discover all the secrets of the B·Concept method. Learn how to formulate recipes from scratch from the World Pastry Champion himself.
  • You will understand the role of each ingredients according to their molecular structure.
  • You will master the texture creating techniques.
  • You will be able to formulate your own recipes from scratch.
  • You will learn to make healthier, lighter, and tastier products.


Key features

  • curso_pasteleria_bconcept_online_certificado
    Training certificate signed by Jordi Bordas Get a B·Concept pastry certificate issued by Jordi Bordas’ Pastry School.
  • curso_pasteleria_bconcept_online_dispositivos
    100 % online Study from anywhere using any device with internet access.
  • curso_pasteleria_bconcept_online_talleres
    Live Webinars Join 5 webinars (online and live).
  • curso_pasteleria_bconcept_online_videolecciones
    High-quality video classes Watch over 50 hours of high-resolution videos.
  • curso_pasteleria_bconcept_online_test_evaluacion
    Self-evaluation tests Test your knowledge at the end of each class.
  • curso_pasteleria_bconcept_online_calendario
    Guided instruction We will guide you during the first 9 months of training.
  • curso_pasteleria_bconcept_presencial_horas
    14 months access Access the Virtual Campus during more than one year.
  • curso_pasteleria_bconcept_online_dossier_teorico
    Theory dossier of 400 pages Download our exclusive dossier with all the B·Concept theory.
  • curso_pasteleria_bconcept_online_formadores
    Expert Instructors’ team Learn with Jordi Bordas, Adrianna Jaworska, Paula Domènech and Ariadna Martínez.
  • curso_pasteleria_bconcept_online_recetas_descargables
    Recipes and downloadable material Download all the documents and PDFs and print them.
  • curso_pasteleria_bconcept_online_foros
    Thematical forums Share your experience and doubts with other students.
  • curso_pasteleria_bconcept_online_acompanamiento
    Personalized assistance Our team will be here to guide you and answer all your questions.

Aimed at

Whether you are a pastry student, a pastry lover, a professional pastry chef or not, this course is for you if…

  • You love pastry and you want to master all the technical aspects of your recipes.
  • You own or work at a pastry shop, a restaurant or a hotel and want to express your values through your pastry elaborations.
  • You are looking to re-design and adapt your recipes so that they are in line with your customers’ needs (food intolerances, norms and regulations, market trends).
  • You need to modify and balance your recipes in regard to flavor, texture or stability issues.
  • You want to save time and resources and avoid endless trial-and-error attempts.

It is ideal if you want to enjoy all the advantages of online learning: learn from anywhere with a 14-month Virtual Campus access.


The course is taught by Jordi Bordas and his Research and Development team, made up of three great professionals who contribute different talents to this unique training program: Adrianna Jaworska, Paula Domènech and Ariadna Martínez.


This pastry course combines all the knowledge acquired over more than 10 years of research and investigation. It is divided into 4 distinct modules, designed so you can acquire the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge and learn to formulate recipes with the B·Concept method in a progressive manner.


  • Instructors: Adrianna Jaworska, Paula Domènech and Ariadna Martínez
To understand how a recipe works, it is essential to know the molecular composition of the ingredients you are working with. For this reason, the course begins with this first, theoretical module in which our R&D&i team explains in detail the four basic food molecules: water, lipids, proteins, and carbohydrates.
  • Instructors: Jordi Bordas, Adrianna Jaworska, Paula Domènech y Ariadna Martínez

The next step in the process of learning to formulate recipes from scratch is to understand the interactions between the molecules studied in the first module of the course. In the second module, we will cover all the textures that we can create as the result of different combinations of the basic food molecules: creams, mousses, gelled compotes, or jellies. In order to build these textures, we use four basic pastry techniques: emulsification, aeration, thickening and gelling.

  • Instructor: Jordi Bordas

This is the module you have been waiting for: recipe formulation with the B·Concept method. Once you have mastered the pastry molecules and techniques, you have the essential theoretical base to start creating your own recipes. You only need pen and paper. In this module, Jordi Bordas will explain the B·Concept method, step by step, constructing an example recipe from start to finish. He will also make some recipe comparatives so you can appreciate the difference between classic recipes and those developed with the B·Concept method. Finally, he will show you more than 30 different recipes designed from scratch.

  • Instructor: Jordi Bordas

This is the last module of the course. After 3 intense, theoretical modules, we can move on to the more visual and practical part. Jordi Bordas will teach you how to make a high-end pastry collection showcasing 12 pastry products from his recipe collection. Among them, you will find recipes made with a variety of ingredients (chocolate, fruit, nut or dairy), as well as numerous gluten and lactose-free recipes or 100 % vegan recipes. A module to enjoy and learn alongside the World Pastry Champion.


Grading and Certificate

In order to get the Training Certificate issued by Jordi Bordas’ Pastry School, you need to complete and pass the self-evaluation tests from Module 1, 2 and 3.

Module 4 is optional and is not being graded, but we encourage you to watch all the videos and replicate the recipes at home in order to put into practice everything that you have learned.

Available editions

Throughout the year, we will have various editions of the course, available in different languages and each with its own start and finish date. To get to know the details of each edition, check out the schedule at the end of this brochure.

English (dubbed and subtitles)
October 10th 2022
December 3rd 2023
In English (dubbed and subtitles), from Oct 10th 2022 to Dec. 3rd 2023
October 10th 2022
December 3rd 2023
In Spanish, from Oct 10th 2022 to Dec. 3rd 2023


Your enrolment includes:
  • Training Certificate by Jordi Bordas
  • 14-month access to the Virtual Campus
  • 5 webinars (live)
  • Recipes and downloadable material
  • High quality video classes
  • Theory dossier of over 400 pages
  • 250 videos (more than 50 hours)
  • Self-evaluation tests
  • Thematical Forums
  • Personalized assistance

Course price:

Option 1. Residents in Spain (peninsula and Balearic Islands), and private individuals from countries of the European Union (VAT Inc.):

  • Initial payment of € 800 to reserve your place
  • Remaining payment of € 1,570 divided into easy installments

Option 2. Companies from the European Union countries, residents in countries outside the European Union, and the Canary Islands, Ceuta, and Melilla (tax-free):

  • Initial payment of € 800 to reserve your place
  • Remaining payment of € 1,160 divided into easy installments

Ask our team the payment methods.

Pay now: 800,00



The course lasts 12 months counting from the start date for which you have enrolled. The theoretical part consists of Modules 1, 2 and 3, is carried out during the first 9 months. From here on, you will be able to view all the content again and fully enjoy Module 4 of pastry creations.

At the end of the 12-month period, you will be able to prolong your access to the content by enrolling into the Alumni program.

You will be able to access the content only on the start date of the edition you have enrolled for.

If you cannot submit the tests and exercises on the dates indicated in the study plan, you will need to present us with some justification. It is extremely important to meet the deadlines in order to ensure the proper functioning and flow of the course. In the event that you do not submit the assignments and fail to justify it, you will not be awarded the training certificate.


We try to offer the highest quality for each of more than 250 videos that you will find in the Virtual Campus, therefore, it is impossible to send them or provide the option to download them. However, the platform is adapted so that you can watch the videos from different devices with an internet connection, always keeping the highest quality.

Yes, you can download all the documents in PDF so that you can save them on your devices or print them whenever you want.

You do not need to have previous experience or knowledge, although it is important that you are very motivated to learn.

It is an ideal course for those who are just starting in the world of pastry, as well as the professionals who want to improve and reinvent themselves, acquiring new knowledge and skills of great value.

Being faithful to our educational philosophy, the course is prominently theoretical, and its main objective is that you acquire the knowledge that will allow you to be free when designing your own pastry recipes. Still, Module 4 is focused on putting everything you learned in the previous Modules into practice.


A few days before the start of the course, you will receive an email with the instructions on how to register on the Virtual Campus and access the course. From then on, you will be able to access the Virtual Campus using a button located in the upper right corner of the website. If you want to access the Campus through the mobile application, you can download “Canvas Student” from the App Store or Google Play. In either case, you will have to enter your email and password indicated in the initial registration.

The course consists of 4 modules. To ensure the best acquisition of knowledge, each of the modules will be unlocked successively according to the dates indicated in the study plan.

Once the 14 months of access to the Virtual Campus have passed, you can prolong your access through the Alumni program.

You can use a smartphone, a tablet or a computer with an internet connection, although our personal recommendation is that you use a computer to have the optimal conditions for the visualization of the course’ content.


In the enrolment section of this page, you must select the language in which you want to take the course and click on the “Enroll” button that will redirect you to the payment page. Then, you need to follow the steps to enroll for the course.

Given the fact that we receive students from all over the world, it can sometimes happen that the system blocks payment due to a security issue raised by our bank or the bank of our clients. If this happens, you can contact us through email: or telephone: +34 93 611 20 70 and we will help you resolve the issue.

Depending on the place of residence of each student, the corresponding tax will be applied according to current regulations.

You have the right to cancel your enrolment up to 15 days following the enrolment. However, as it is a digital product, it is not possible to cancel the enrolment once the course has started.


Alonso Marval Pastry chef and barista | Las Condes, Chile | @1326_pcb I have studied in several schools and for me this is the best pastry course I have ever done, as it teaches you how everything works in each recipe, from the molecules to the way you make an emulsion or make a mousse. If I could go back intime, without a doubt this course would be the first one I would take when entering the world of pastry, since it helps you to know how to create new unique flavors and textures, and with the option of making it much healthier and without allergens! I think this is the future of pastry. The team is incredible and there was nothing that I didn’t understand or answer me. I already have a great appreciation for how kind they were in the course and for the way they taught us.
Steffano Frizzarin Pastry chef at Aamanns Etablissement | Copenhague, Dinamarca | @sfrizzarin I approached Jordi Bordas' B·Concept course as a pastry professional, full of doubts and questions that increased during the course. Throughout these months, Jordi and the entire team have been able to answer all my questions, giving all their knowledge clearly and exhaustively and always with a smile, because in addition to being great professionals, they are very kind people! I have learned to correct my mistakes and thanks to the tools acquired in the course I have changed my way of seeing pastry. In addition, thanks to the extensive work done with all kinds of ingredients, in my job as a pastry consultant I can formulate recipes tailored to the client.
Lia Naya Professional pastry | Barcelona, España | @lianayab I think that the B·Concept method has not only helped me to understand the mistakes I made, but also to lose the fear of taking risks with vegan recipes, without lactose, etc. This course helps you clarify and organize your ideas, in addition to giving you exceptional and fundamental knowledge to be able to improve and expand what you already knew, thus allowing you to create unique elaborations that adapt to all types of clients.
Giuseppe Toscano Pastry chef at Tos Caffé | Bari, Italia | @tosk_ Taking part to the extended online B·Concept pastry course by Jordi Bordas has been definitely an astonishing experience. Thanks to the very well-organized contents, the very clear explanations in videos and many useful webinars, I’ve been able to improve my knowledge concerning food molecules, pastry techniques & dietary needs. Once you start with lessons, it’s so noticeable how Jordi and his team have a huge experience, excellent competences and skills in the pastry field. Every doubt can be solved through the discussion’s forum and through the live webinars. I absolutely feel my pastry skills are now enhanced. Moreover, now I feel more comfortable when some customers with some specific dietary needs, come to my pastry shop to buy something. Being able to create new recipes from scratch really makes you feel more powerful in your own pastry production.This course has been totally mind-blowing considering the future prospects and it’s absolutely what you’re looking for if you want to be in step with the times.
Sofia Rab Thank you, Jordi Bordas and your amazing Team, to create a unique and more professional way to learning modern pastry with the highest standards and health benefits. Jordi gave us simple tools and wings to fly. The course is summarized on a solid basis to understand the functionality of all the ingredients and explain through the most complete methods to create any type of recipe with the support of each step through video tutorials. It doesn’t matter if you are vegan, have a dietetic problem or are going to work with more classic recipes. The universal language of the B·Concept method gives you answers and supports you in the way you want to create your own recipes. We were all supported by your team and experts during the course and all our questions were answered and analyzed to show the best result you can achieve. Thank you from my heart to learning with you and growing in the culinary world of pastry. The most I really appreciate next to the professionalism is the kindness of this amazing team.
Nicole Benavides For me, discovering the Jordi Bordas Pastry School implied beginning to recognize that, when making a recipe, I knew and at the same time didn’t know what I was doing, it implied beginning to question everything I did and the invention of a new dream: traveling to Barcelona to take the B·Concept course. I think that the pandemic produced really unexpected facts and events, including the launch of the B · Concept Online and Extended Course. As soon as the start date of classes was announced, I didn’t hesitate to register. I think I could sum up my experience by saying that the wait was completely worth it. The details of the content are incredible and it is organized in a way that is totally understandable and entertaining. In addition, the entire team is attentive to any doubts, questions and suggestions that may arise from the students. I am grateful and satisfied to have been able to learn from the entire school team and to have fulfilled a dream in the least planned time and place.

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